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What Are Short Term and Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Are you an alcoholic? When do you know you have become addicted?

Drinking alcohol excessively for a long period of time has a lot of risks to your health. The amount of alcohol you drink at a sitting and the extent of overall times you do this will determine the amount of damage Alcohol Treatment done to your body.

What Are Short Term and Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse teen-drug-abuse

If you are not a heavy drinker and only drink 1-2 drinks a sitting a couple of times a week, you would not be considered an alcoholic If your drinking becomes more and more each time and more often, and you continue this habit over a long period of time, you will eventually become addicted to alcohol. You increase your body tolerance each time you have a drink.

1. Your family life begins to crumble.

2. You become depressed.

3. Your anxiety will increasingly become worse.

4. You will be unable to sleep as well as you did before.

5. You start to lose your self esteem.

6. Your friends avoid you.

7. You have problems at work.

That’s just the beginning. You start to shut out the family and your friends. You shut out everything except the alcohol. The long term effects of alcohol become more serious as time goes by.

You could lose your job. You could lose your family. You have already lost your self respect and your self esteem.

More serious than anything else though, is your health status. Alcohol addiction causes many health problems. The most extreme and most serious problem is Cirrhosis of the liver. When this problem occurs, it is incurable.


Other organs affected include the pancreas, stomach, throat, esophagus, and the brain. Excessive alcohol intake has been linked to cancers of these organs. Women who consume alcohol excessively are at a higher risk of breast cancer. If these are not enough reasons for anyone to think twice about continuing to drink excessively, then you are probably too far gone. You should immediately contact a health official and get into a program as quickly as you can. At this point, you cannot do it on your own.

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